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Chapped Hands, Sore Skin, Chilblains

Instant relief from the misery of sore hands, chilblains, and cracked skin.


Cicaleine is the best repair for cracked heels.

Cicaleine Cream

For cracks and chapped, sore skin on hands and feet. (See details page for incredible results in clinical studies.) Soothes pain and inflammation and speeds healing.
With Silk Lipesters.

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Size:30ml - $19.95


Akilwinter for Care and prevention of frostbite, chilblains and Raynauds syndrome treatment.

Akilwinter Chilblains Treatment

For feet, hands and even the face. For the care and prevention of frostbite and chilblains and hypersensitivity to cold. Calms inflammation and itching and helps the skin to fight the effect of cold.
Adjuvant raynaud's syndrome treatment.

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Size 75ml - $19.95


Vita citral for sore skin on hands.

Vita citral for sore hands

For cracked hands, sore or dry chapped hands. You will see visible results from the first application. Aloe Vera soothes when hands itch, plant glycerin for lasting moisturizing, and vitamin A regenerates and repairs. Non greasy, non oily, quick penetration. High skin tolerance formula with NO PARABENS.

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Size 75ml - $16.00