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Akildia Diabetic Foot Cream

Akildia cares for  diabetes foot. See also our cheap diabetic shoes.

Specifically Designed For The Care of Diabetic Feet.

Speeds Tissue Repair. Improves the Skin's Natural Defences. Prevents Skin Lesions and Hyperkeratosis.
In a study of diabetic runners, 80% reported no pain after using Akildia once a day for 3 months. See below for amazing results in clinical trials.

The number one cream for diabetic foot care.

Akildia is the result of collaboration between diabetologists, podiatrists and pharmacists. It is recommended in hospitals, and is recognised by The French Diabetes Association.


  • Protects skin against harsh external factors.
  • Prevents dehydration and limits the risk of hyperkeratosis.
  • Preserves the skin’s barrier function.
  • Speeds tissue regeneration

Size 75ml - $20.95

Size 150ml - $29.50


  • PCA Lipoaminoacid - Soothes and maintains the skin's physiological balance
  • Natural Shea Butter - Healing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory
  • Centella Asiatica - Healing, anti-oedema, veinotonic
  • Vitamin A - Encourages cell renewal and helps prevent Hyperkeratosis
  • Vaseline/Lanolin complex in a non-occlusive o/w emulsion - Moisturizes
  • Essential Fatty Acids - Restores the Hydro-Lipid barrier

50% of leg amputations are performed on diabetics.
The risk of foot infections is 40 times higher in diabetics.
Risk of gangrene is 17 times higher in diabetics.
25% of diabetic hospitalisations are the result of FOOT problems.

Regular screening for neuropathy and arteriopathy.
Monthly pedicures, daily foot examinations.
Daily use of a foot product to prevent hyperkeratosis, moisturize the skin and retain its protective role.

Proven Efficacy In Clinical Trials

A Study of 10 Diabetic Runners

Results in Pain Reduction After 3 Months Using Akildia Once Per Day


A Study of 50 Diabetic Patients

Diabetology Department, Podiatric Unit, Foundation Hotel Dieu Du Creusot, Le Creusot, France.
Doctor S Clavel.

100% leg neuropathy
64% macro-angiopathy
60% major foot disorders (ulcers, necrosis etc)
40% minor trophic skin disorder

Results After 2 Months Using Akildia Diabetic Foot Cream Once Per Day

Reduction of Hyperkeratosis and Dryness
55.3% = Excellent
31.9% = Good
12.8% = Average
Excellent skin tolerance in 96% of patients Improvement in skin suppleness and elasticity.

Dr Clavel's conclusion "We can only hope that Akildia becomes available on the market."

Double-Blind Versus Placebo

Conducted in Sweden by Doctor Skarberg.

A Study of 24 Diabetic Patients

70.8% leg neuropathy
50% arteriopathy
91.7% skin dryness
75% hyperkeratosis

Results After 3 Months Using Akildia Twice Per Day (Right foot Akildia, Left foot placebo)

Reduction of skin dryness:
86.4% = Akildia
27.3% = Placebo

Reduction of Hyperkeratosis:
88.9% = Akildia
33.3% = Placebo

Improvement in Skin Sensitivity (using filament method):
70.6% = Akildia
17.6% = Placebo

Conclusions: Significant difference compared to placebo. Good tolerance.