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Akileine Dry Skin Care Products

Once you have tried our products for dry feet you will not use anything else.

Learn how Akileine has been PROVEN EFFECTIVE for dry feet

Akileine all natural skin care products for dry cracked feet and calluses.

Akileine Dry Foot Cream

Akileine for very dry cracked feet and calluses.

56% hydration from the first application, lasting for 6 hours. Contains pure shea butter and lipo-aminoacids to heal, moisturize, and balance the skin's pH naturally.

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Size: 50ml - $19.50

Size 150ml - $29.95

Size 540ml - $59.50

Akileine Hydra Defense Balm for For dry cracked heels and dry skin feet.

Akileine Hydra Defense Balm

For dry cracked heels, painful calluses and hard skin (hyperkeratosis).

66% hydration after only 1 hour lasting for 24 hours. Regular skin-moisture rate recovered in only 7 days.

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Size: 125ml - $22.95

A salicylic acid peel for calluses, hyperkeratosis and hard skin on bottom of feet.

Akileine Exfoliating Foot Cream

With Salicylic Acid and vitamin E..

An exfoliating cream that removes hard, thickened skin and dead cells instantly. Smoothes, softens and helps new skin to regenerate.
Great for elbows and knees too.

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Size: 75ml - $19.50

Size 150ml - $29.95

Size 500ml - $57.50

Akileine Moisturizer for dry skin on feet and legs.

Akileine Foot Moisturizer

For very dry feet or legs. Wonderful for burns or soreness from sun exposure or after waxing.
Lightweight and highly concentrated. Soothes INSTANTLY.

With Extract of Calendula, and Vitamins F and E.

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Size: 100ml - $23.50

Cicaleine is the best repair for cracked heels.

Cicaleine Cracked Heel Cream

For cracks and chapped skin on the hands and feet. (See details page for incredible results in clinical studies.) Soothes pain and inflammation and speeds healing.
With Silk Lipesters.

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Size:30ml - $19.95

Akileine Pumice Sponge for foot dry skin and calluses.

Pumice Sponge

For very dry, rough skin and calluses.

Better than pumice, for those VERY tough areas. Pleasant to use and leaves no smell even after prolonged use.
Very popular with professionals and is used a lot in spas and salons.

Price Each - $12.50