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Immediate Help For Muscle Pain From Akileine

Akileine Sports creams are not just used by athletes,
doctors use them and recommend them to their patients.

Akileine Sports Relax will treat sore muscles.

Akileine Muscle Pain Relief

Apply to any stiff or aching muscles for instant relief. Acts on the causes of tiredness by bringing the stiff muscle natural elements which help to eliminate the substances accumulated during sports (lactic acid, sodium). Thus freed of toxins, the muscles recover their original suppleness and tonicity. Contains Essential Amino Acids, Potassium and Magnesium.

Size 75ml - $19.50

Use Akileine Sports Start to prevent aching muscles.

Akileine Sports Start

A warm up cream that also brings relief to joints and sore muscles. Supplies instant DEEP heat and helps prevent sports injuries. Prepares the skin and muscles before exercise and, after injuries, supplies instant, localized heating. 'Start' is used by doctors for treating muscle strain and to relieve the pain caused by arthritis. Contains Nicotafuryl and Capsicum.

Size 75ml - $9.95

End stiff muscles with Akileine Sports Kimas.

Akileine Sports Kimas

Akileine Kimas is an Arnica Oil for a deep and soothing massage before and after any sports or exercise. Use it to prepare for sports as well as for pulled muscle treatment after sports. Rich in Essential Fatty Acids, it helps muscles cope with exercise and forms a protective film on the skin.

Size 200ml - $21.50

End stiff muscles with Akileine Sports Tonic.

Akileine Sports Nok

Not a cream for muscle pain but Nok is such a wonderful product we couldn't leave it out.
Nok strengthens the skin to prevent chafing and the formation of blisters, improves the skin's elasticity and resistance. Athletes use it before events to areas prone to chafing (feet, under arms, groin area etc). Contains 30 % genuine shea butter (beurre karate).

Size 75ml - $19.50

Akileine Tired Foot Balm for aching legs and sore feet.

Balm for Swollen Feet

Quickly relieves stiff aching legs and tired, sore feet inflamed by walking, heat or tight shoes. Gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and enhances blood circulation.

Learn about Akileine for tired feet and legs.

Size 50ml - $19.50

Akileine Intensely Refreshing Gel for aching legs and sore feet.

Akileine Ice Gel

Relief for hot, tired, swollen feet and legs. Instant Cooling and pain relief, reduces inflammation, tones and stimulates.
With Enoxolone, Sweet Clover, Ginkgo Biloba, and Horse Chestnut.

Learn about Akileine Ice Gel for hot tired feet

Size 50ml - $19.50

Footbath Salts, an immediate refreshing and relaxing sensation for painful swollen feet and legs.

Footbath for Swollen Feet and Ankles

For hot, tired, swollen feet and legs.

An immediate refreshing and relaxing sensation, this bath strengthens, asepticizes and deodorizes the feet. Restores skin's pH, stimulates circulation, decongests and healing.

Akileine Footbath Salts for Swollen Feet and Ankles

2 x 150g Sachets - $21.50