PPS Footcare website is dedicated to foot care products including specialist foot creams made by Laboratoires Asepta Monaco.

PPS Foot Care

PPS Foot Care is the domain name used by Professional Products and Services LLC (PPS for short). Registered in the State of Florida and based near Orlando, PPS is the appointed distributor for Laboratoires Asepta in the United States. PPS is also the distributor for Bailey Instruments Ltd, a well-established English company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality podiatric surgery instruments. For more details about our podiatry instruments visit www.ppshealthcare.com

We stand for more than just foot care:

See our relovutionary device that simply and discreetly addresses the challenge of male incontinence Simplicity Urine Collection System

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For anti aging facial treatments visit Coup d'Eclat from Asepta

For spa products from Europe used by celebrities visit Heliabrine from Asepta

Laboratoires Asepta Monaco
Laboratoires Asepta Monaco

Based in Monaco
On The Mediterranean Riviera
Laboratoires Asepta Has Been
Caring For Your Skin Since 1946

Asepta is recognized as a very innovative, talented, and creative company. A team of 150 including 15 pharmacists, chemists and biochemists maintain exacting controls on manufacturing processes and also research and develop new products. The company holds a number of patents for the ingredients and manufacturing processes they use. These give Aspeta brands a clear edge over competitors.

Asepta products are formulated under strict pharmaceutical and dermatological supervision to ensure their efficacy and safety. Once formulated, rigorous physico-chemical and bacteriological control tests at all stages of manufacture are performed by the pharmaceutical laboratory. All products are:

  • - Non-toxic – each product undergoes a cutaneous tolerance test
  • - Hypoallergenic
  • - Made from natural raw materials
  • - Not tested on animals

Akileine is the Creation of Laboratoires Asepta

In 1947 Laboratoires Asepta produced a unique foot cream formula for croupiers working in Monte Carlo Casino who complained of aching legs and feet. This foot cream was the start of what became known as The Akileine Foot Care Line. Akileine has become the world’s leading foot care brand known for quality and effective treatment.

Akileine is the Unchallenged Worldwide Specialist in Footcare
and is Used by Podiatrists Throughout the World

For more products from Laboratoires Asepta visit our main website www.FromAsepta.com