The answer to dozens of common foot problems.

PPS Footcare website is dedicated to foot care products including specialist foot creams made by Laboratoires Asepta Monaco.

Find the answer to dozens of common foot problems right here.

Care for diabetic foot problems.

Our website is devoted to helping people with painful foot problems.

From Asepta

Unique Akileine foot products from Laboratoires Asepta one of the founding pharmaceutical companies in Monaco who have been manufacturing the finest skin care products for nearly 60 years.
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If you are diabetic you will understand the importance of correct foot care. We recommend to you Akildia, specifically formulated to meet the needs of diabetic feet.

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Modern life means we are subjected to a whole load of stresses that
previous generations never had to deal with.
Our feet often pay a heavy price,
get them right and it often helps the whole person.